10 Things to Expect When Vacationing on the Gulf Coast

Colby Turner - April 09, 2018

While you’re vacationing at one of our Alabama Gulf Coast rentals, there are some things you can always expect on the Gulf Coast, but we can guarantee you’re going to love it!

  1. Surf Shops can be found almost every half-mile along the Gulf Coast. They all sell the same items, so there is no reason to worry about where to stop!
  2. Traffic on 59 can be hectic during lunch and rush hour. Make sure you plan accordingly, so you can beat the traffic!
  3. Bathing suit attire is acceptable in practically every store and restaurant which means that no one will judge your wind-blown beach hair at lunch. Don’t be surprised if all you see is people in cover-ups and swim trunks. You can find your own beachwear attire at the Cabana 8 boutique.
  4. Seaweed is just a part of being in the Gulf of Mexico. Grab a float and make a game out of dodging the seaweed!
  5. Humidity is a real thing here on the Gulf Coast which can make your hair frizz and the air feel a bit sticky, but that just gives you an excuse to wear a cute beach hat or visor. Plus, everyone loves the “beachy waves” look during the summer.
  6. Sand will be everywhere. It’s just a known fact around the Gulf Coast. Embrace it! It will be in your hair, car, and between your toes. Sand is a natural exfoliate for your skin, so it’s like a free spa trip.
  7. Every restaurant has “the best seafood” because honestly, it’s just true. The Gulf Coast is the perfect place to end your seafood cravings.
  8. Southerners are just nice You’ll always get a smile, way, or even a smile “Hey Y’all, welcome!” wherever you go.
  9. The love of football is strong down in the south, so if you hear people yelling “Roll Tide!” or “War Eagle!,” don’t be alarmed. That’s totally normal.
  10. The locals never get tired of the view. Living on the beach is amazing – even during the winter. The locals get to literally wake up to the sound of the Gulf and seagulls every morning.


The Gulf Coast is an amazing place! We hope you enjoy your time vacationing at our Alabama Gulf Coast rentals.