3 Ways to Improve your Beach Photography

Jillian Pierce - May 26, 2016

Settings, time of day and weather are a huge part of creating some of the best beach pictures. Always keep this in mind whether it’s a family portrait, couples pictures, or getting beach shots of the kids.

Settings. The water is always a great setting or backdrop. If you have kids make sure you let them play and wear something you don’t mind getting wet. Don’t be afraid to get in the water if the waves are calm, we don’t want any cameras to get wet! The best pictures come from them not paying attention to the camera and them just being themselves.

Any time you can find a little fence or a large piece of drift wood, do a sitting family portrait. It’ll make it easier to get everyone where they need to be and a little sand never hurt anyone. If you have a tripod, bring it. You can always do the 10 second setting and run into the picture, sometimes those create the best smiles from laughing.

Time of day. Time of day is very important for what you want to do. Depending on where the sun is and how hot it is will determine people’s mood and their willingness to cooperate, especially children. Hot and fussy do not make good pictures. Early morning or sunset will be the best times of day to get people to cooperate. It’s not too hot and the sun is not in their eyes. Make sure that when you are taking pictures if you are facing the sun tell people to close their eyes, count to three and open. That way they won’t be squinting in the pictures. Or make sure that the sun is behind your people, but adjust your light setting accordingly or your people will be dark.

Weather. Okay, okay we all know not to take our cameras out in the pouring rain, but did you know that the best time to take pictures is when it’s overcast and not sunny? When the sun is bright, you sweat, you can’t see and everything comes out way too white. When it is overcast, it is even light, you tend to be a little cooler and you aren’t squinting in pictures.

Don’t be afraid to zoom in on hand holding or having people look away, sometimes those are the best pictures and remember always let them be themselves, candids capture personality and soul and #createhappymemories.