5 Fun Instagram-Worthy Photo Ops at Turquoise Place Orange Beach

Eva Faircloth - July 06, 2020

If you’re shooting to curate the perfect Instagram feed, Turquoise Place in Orange Beach can definitely be your muse. It’s easy to fill your feed with picture-perfect beach days while you create happy memories with your friends and family. This year, Insta is filled with serene nature shots, relaxed adventures and beautiful places. It’s easy to find each of these at Turquoise Place. If you’re documenting your vacay for your at-home followers, here are five Instagram-worthy photo ops at Turquoise Place in Orange Beach.

1. Beach

Like I mentioned earlier, the Instagram feed style this year leans heavily on nature, so the beach is the perfect place to get that “I-wanna-be-there” shot. Put on your cutest swimsuit (or swim trunks) and hit the beach around 6 p.m. That’s Golden Hour here and you’ll have about thirty to forty-five minutes of perfect lighting. Use a filter like “Summer Tan” by anyazhikh or “Oats and Honey” by bryant (both of these can be found on the Instagram app) to give it an artsy look. This is no doubt one of the best Instagram-worthy photo ops at Turquoise Place and all of Orange Beach.

2. Lazy River

The Lazy River at Turquoise Place in Orange Beach is the coolest place to take pictures! Hop in a tube and start floating down the 450-foot Lazy River. You will need to have a friend help you with this one though unless you’re a selfie kind of person. To get the right vibe for the picture, lounge in a tube, or even sit on the side, then, grab a fun pair of sunglasses or a hat. Out of all the Instagram-worth photo ops at Turquoise Place, this one might just be the funnest!

3. Outdoor Main Pool

The main outdoor pool at Turquoise Place is one of many beautiful Insta-worthy photo ops at Turquoise Place in Orange Beach. The white bridge settled above the pool makes for a different, but fun shot. If you’re wanting to take pictures with a group of friends, the bridge has plenty of room for your whole squad. After your photos on the bridge, hop in the zero-entry pool and swim to one of the waterfalls under the bridge. This is the closest you’ll get to a waterfall in Orange Beach, so soak it up and enjoy all those hearts on Instagram! 

4. Tennis courts at Turquoise Place

The tennis courts are the best Instagram-worthy photo op at Turquoise Place for anyone that loves sports. With the iconic bright turquoise windows as your backdrop, this will give your picture a punch of glistening color that will catch the eye of your scrolling followers. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner (or maybe you don’t even play tennis at all) the courts will make an eye-catching backdrop for the resort’s sportier guests wanting to take that perfect click.

5. Morning Yoga

Offered to both teens and adults alike, Morning Yoga is a wonderful way to start a day at the beach. As odd as it may seem, Morning Yoga makes for a super cute photo op at Turquoise Place. Enjoy the class, then stick around for a few minutes afterward to get some shots on your mat. Maybe you try a warrior three or a vinyasa, or maybe you just sit cross-legged on your mat and show off your beautiful smile. However you choose to take your picture at Morning Yoga, it’s sure to be adorable! 

Note: Yoga is offered seasonally and may not be available during your vacation. 

I hope this list helps you take that perfect picture while you’re on vacation! Be sure to tag us on Instagram at @TurquoisePlaceOfficial.

See you at the beach, 

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