6 Cool Things for Teens to Do in Orange Beach at Turquoise Place

Eva Faircloth - July 15, 2020

If you’re reading this right now, you’re probably getting ready to head to the beach. As a kid, I remember thinking one of two things about my pending vacation, number one, “I can’t wait to get there, it’s going to be so much fun!” Or number two,”I can’t believe mom and dad are making me go there. It’s going to be so boring.” Undoubtedly, you’re thinking one of these two. No worries! Thankfully, the beach has something for everyone, especially when you’re staying at Turquoise Place in Orange Beach. Check out the list of things for teens to do at in Orange Beach Turquoise Place.

Note: Keep reading until the end, I’ve also made a list of things for teens to do in Orange Beach that aren’t at Turquoise Place!

The Lazy River at Turquoise Place

1. The Lazy River

The lazy river is the perfect place to go if you want to be, well, lazy. I know that sounds like the simplest thing ever and you may want to stop reading this right now, but hang in there. Can you see it now? Your little brother/sister is driving you CRAZY (that’s what they do best, trust me, I know!) and you’re dying to escape for a little while. Why not head down to the lazy river? It’s 450 feet of pure relaxation calling your name. Grab a tube and float for as long as you like and enjoy some of that time without your sibling(s). It’s seriously one of the most fun things for teens to do in Orange Beach at Turquoise Place.

The Spectrum Club Lounge at Turquoise Place

2. Spectrum Club Lounge

The Spectrum Club Lounge is the perfect place for teens to hang out and enjoy their time at the beach. Whether you’re a bookworm, gamer, or social butterfly, the Spectrum Club Lounge has it all. After a complimentary breakfast, enjoy state-of-the-art gaming consoles, pool and ping pong tables, and a collection of fun board games. The Spectrum Club Lounge is also perfect for rainy days at the beach!

Note: The Spectrum Club Lounge is available seasonally. However, it is currently closed except for carryout breakfast.

Turquoise Place Watersports

3. Watersports

If you’re more of a daredevil, watersport rentals will satisfy your need for speed! Whether you want to parasail, jet ski, or even kayak, it’s all available for you right on the beach. Although watersport rentals are not included in your stay, the resort makes it easy for you to book. Rentals are available right on the beach in front of Turquoise Place through Perdido Beach Services. This is one of the most exciting things for teens to do in Orange Beach. Now go for it, it’s time for an adventure!

Snow cones at Turquoise Place pool

4. Turquoise Place Pools

Hanging out by the pool is no doubt one of my favorite ways to spend a vacation. I mean, what beats it? Seriously though, Turquoise Place in Orange Beach has ah-mazing pools. Whether you swim in the huge indoor pools or outdoors, you’ll leave relaxed, tan, and happy. If you get thirsty, grab a snow cone from the station directly across from the main outdoor pool (available seasonally); with a myriad of flavors, you can mix and match to make fun new flavors!

Balcony Hot Tub at Turquoise Place

5. Balcony Hot Tub

Even your condo balcony has a fun spot you may not have thought of, the hot tub! My favorite time to enjoy the hot tub is at sunset. The temp is down, and oftentimes you can see dolphins feeding in the water. Where else in Orange Beach can you sit in a hot tub on your balcony? No where!

Change of Pace

6. Change of Pace

Change of Pace is a delicious bar and grill located directly across from the main outdoor pool. They have great eats like burgers and wings. If you’re thirsty, stop by and get a soft drink or a virgin strawberry daiquiri.

Things for Teens to Do in Orange Beach

If you’re looking for some unique activities in Orange Beach, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve listed a few things for teens to do in Orange Beach. Whether you’re staying for one day or one week, there’s something to fit everyone’s schedule!

1. Spectra Sound and Light Show

Located at The Wharf in Orange Beach, the Spectra Light Show will stun everyone, from the youngest to the oldest. With many different themes to choose from, The Wharf has something to please everyone. Shows premiere nightly at 8:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.

The Ferris Wheel at The Wharf

2. The Ferris Wheel at The Wharf

There isn’t a better or more exciting way to see Orange Beach than from the sky. The Ferris wheel at The Wharf features enormous gondolas and brilliant lights that make the ride even more exhilarating. Bringing family and friends along is a wonderful way to experience this Gulf Coast attraction. So, what are you waiting for?

3. Surf Style

Surf Style is your one-stop-shop for beach gear. Whether you need a new swimsuit, pair of sunglasses, or anything in between, you’re sure to find it here. If you’re a shopper, this is one of the best things for teens to do in Orange Beach.

The Park at OWA in Orange Beach

4. The Park at OWA

The amusement park offers endless opportunities for fun. Thrill rides, gourmet restaurants, and boutiques are all part of this unique attraction. This is one of my favorite things for teens to do in Orange Beach. You can’t leave the Alabama Gulf Coast without stopping at OWA for a day!

5. Dolphin Cruise

If you’re into wildlife, why not try a dolphin cruise? Dolphin cruises are not only educational but also fun for the whole family. Cruising on the smooth back bays of Orange Beach ensures that you won’t get seasick, and Southern Rose Dolphin Cruises guarantees you’ll see a dolphin every time!

This is just a small sample of things to do at Turquoise Place in Orange Beach! If you want to know a little more, or you’re looking for something specific that I didn’t mention, check the website for more information.

See you at the beach,

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