We know you’ve been looking forward to your vacation at Turquoise Place.

This year, more than ever, we understand that everyone needs time to get away and relax. Unfortunately, in order to keep the resort in pristine condition, it’s time to perform maintenance to the much loved balconies. While we hope your time at Turquoise Place will not be impacted, there’s a good chance it will be.

We would love to tell you that your vacation will be as peaceful as ever, but the reality is, we’d rather you be prepared and to expect the unexpected. There will be scaffolding. You will see people hanging from the ropes. There will be equipment and even debris located around the resort. There may also be some noise related to the construction. Some amenities may be unavailable at times. Some balconies may also be unavailable at times. The bottom line is there will be obstacles. But, we’re making it even better and ensuring the resort stays in the best condition for your many vacations to come.

Tell me more about the balcony project!

In order to keep Turquoise Place in the best condition possible for our beloved guests, repairs and renovations need to periodically take place. Tentatively from mid-August through March, construction crews will be inspecting, repairing, cleaning and painting balconies and the exteriors of the towers. While we regret this has to take place, it’s truly unavoidable.

Family at Turquoise Place

Please know, we will do everything possible to
ensure your stay with us is enjoyable.

How Will You Be Affected?

Periodically, some areas of the resort may temporarily close.
These may include:

  • Tennis courts
  • Lazy river
  • Playground
  • Condo balconies
  • Outdoor pools and pool decks
  • East dog walk
  • Some areas of the parking garage

We cannot say exactly when or for how long these amenities will be unavailable, but we will do our best to update you along every step of the way via this page, phone calls from reservation agents and emails prior to your stay.

Update 8.27.20

Beginning September 8th, painting will begin on the building above the waterfalls. This will necessitate the closing of the Lazy River for about 14 days.  We WILL have to ability to open the LR on any Saturday and Sunday they are not working, but can only guarantee Sundays during this time.

Also on September 8th we will begin painting the interiors of the garages.  They will start on D Tower – Parking Deck 3, so we may need to move some vehicles as painters work their way down the ramp to the lower levels.

Update 8.18.20

As you may be aware, we at Turquoise Place are undergoing a balcony repair project that will take place beginning Monday, August 17 and will go through March 2021.

As promised, we are working diligently to provide updates to affected guests as we begin each phase of the project. Phase 1 of this project started Monday, August 17 and will last approximately one week, but this schedule may be extended due to weather, more extensive repairs, etc.

Phase 1 affects all units ending in 09. The work will ONLY affect the smaller northwest guest bedroom balcony of these units. The Gulf facing South balcony will NOT be affected, so you will have use of your hot tubs and grills.

What to expect during this project:
Anticipate noise, ropes, and persons rappelling down the balcony while they inspect, repair, clean and then paint this area. Work hours are 8am-5pm Monday-Saturday. Furniture will be removed from these balconies and placed inside the units.

Amenities that may be affected for short periods of time are the tennis courts and lazy river. Actual days these areas may be closed is determinate on the weather and repair schedule.

Please feel free to contact guest relations with any questions or concerns at 866-348-9112. We appreciate your cooperation as we work to maintain the pristine appearance of the property.

How Can We Help You?

Ensuring you have the best experience possible during construction is our highest priority. We know your time here won’t be quite as you expected. We welcome your questions and concerns. If you have a reservation, a team member will be contacting you prior to your stay to address any concerns you may have. If you would like to speak with someone before you’re called, please call the Front Desk directly at 251-923-5400.

For guests whose condos are directly affected and unable to use their balconies, we will make every effort to move you to another condo, if possible.

We will do our best to be flexible in our policies for those in condos that will be affected by the renovations. All guests will be contacted by an agent a week before the cancellation policy goes into effect and again seven days prior to check in with any and all available details we have. All cancellations, condo reassignments, etc., will be made on a case-by-case basis and you will be able to address all concerns with our team members when they contact you. Rest assured we will do everything possible to ensure you have an enjoyable vacation.

Estimated Renovation Schedule

Please note, this schedule is only an estimate. We do not know exact dates. These are only approximations, as this is a fluid project that will most certainly be affected by weather events or other issues. We encourage guests to check back as more information is updated. Guests and Owners are likely to see water, debris, rigging equipment and persons on balconies during this time. During repairs, there may also be noise associated with any necessary repairs. In addition, around property there will be equipment, various workers, walkways, plywood and other barriers, scaffolding, etc. Some areas of the parking garages may be off limits (including numbered spaces) during this process. Closures of pools, pool decks, lazy river, tennis courts, beach access road and dog walk areas may also be experienced at times. These areas will reopen when safe to do so. Balcony work necessitates all outdoor furniture being brought inside in affected areas. Also note that not all condos and balconies will be affected at one time. Renovations will happen in stages/sections of the resort.


Mid-August begin Northwest balconies.
AREAS IMPACTED: tennis courts, lazy river
DATES IMPACTED: TBD, and for one or two days at a time.

Late August begin Northeast balconies.
AREAS IMPACTED: tennis courts, lazy river/playground, 601C and 601D
DATES IMPACTED: TBD, balconies for longer periods than amenities


Northeast balconies in both towers.
AREAS IMPACTED: Lazy River, dog walks, possible main pool.
DATES IMPACTED: Mid Sept to late Sept. Exact Dates TBD.

West Balconies (ending in 09)
AREAS IMPACTED: Lazy River, possibly main pool, west dog walk, west tennis court
DATES IMPACTED: Late Sept-mid-Oct. Exact dates TBD


West Balconies (ending in 09)
AREAS IMPACTED: Lazy River, possibly main pool, west dog walk, west tennis court
DATES IMPACTED: Late Sept-mid-Oct. Exact dates TBD South balconies both towers.

South balconies ending in 02-08 AREAS IMPACTED: south balconies in two stacks at a time, main pool and C Tower outdoor pool, cabananas, east and west south lobby doors
DATES IMPACTED: Late Oct thru early Jan. Exact dates TBD


South balconies ending in 02-08 AREAS IMPACTED: south balconies in two stacks at a time, main pool and C Tower outdoor pool, cabananas, east and west south lobby doors
DATES IMPACTED: Late Oct thru early Jan. Exact dates TBD

East balconies (condos ending in #01 main balconies)
AREAS IMPACTED: East balconies ending in 01, main pool and C Tower outdoor pool, east dog walk, bridge area, Southeast lobby, playground
DATES IMPACTED: Mid Jan-Mid Feb. Exact dates TBD