Our 5 Most Unique Attractions in Orange Beach

Eva Faircloth - March 20, 2023

Ready for an incredible vacation adventure? If you’re looking for something special, Turquoise Place in Orange Beach, Alabama is the perfect spot. With white sand beaches and turquoise water stretching as far as the eye can see, there’s no shortage of beautiful scenery around our glittering resort. But beyond that, Orange Beach has a few unique attractions that are simply unforgettable! From animals and airboats to taking a thrilling sail on pirate ships, we’ve rounded up our top five most unique attractions in Orange Beach to inspire your next great escape.

Tiki huts and sunset sails are common sights on the Alabama Gulf Coast. But what if you put them together? That’s just what you’ll find at Hammock Time Tiki Tours, one of the coolest cruises in Orange Beach. Step aboard a 40-foot pontoon boat equipped with double hammocks, a shaded tiki bar, spacious seating, and other delights to cruise around in comfort. Captain Glenn will show you the best local sights, from our sun-drenched islands to our native marine friends. Then he’ll park the boat on one of the islands so you can play in the waves, soak up some sun, or catch a game of cornhole. Interested in the beach’s signature drink, the bushwacker? For some over 21 fun, Captain Glenn will take you on a bushwacker crawl to our boat-friendly restaurants and bars!


Set back in a strand of Alabama pines near the entrance of Barber Marina stands a most mysterious sight: a fiberglass replica of the world-famous Stonehenge. Standing 21 feet tall and 104 feet wide, this full-scale structure is an exact copy of the original monument, down to its accurate positioning with the summer solstice.

And you don’t need to book a flight to see it – Bamahenge is located in Elberta, about 200 yards to the right of Barber Parkway. It’s free to view and enjoy, and visitors can rap their knuckles on the fiberglass stones to test its strength for yourself. If you have time, search the surrounding woods for some prehistoric friends; there are four life-sized dinosaurs tromping through the trees!

Explore the bays and bends of beautiful Orange Beach in peaceful luxury aboard Anonyme II, a 22-foot electric cruiser designed for premium comfort. Spend time with your loved ones as you cruise silently through canals and coves, soaking in the soothing sounds of nature. A covered top and ample seating provide shade and space for up to six passengers. Join Captain DD Russo for a captivating morning, afternoon, or sunset cruise to experience the magic of our marine landscapes.

Have you ever wondered how they build those really cool sandcastles? Wonder no more – Sand Castle University is here to school you. This unique sculpting class teaches groups of all ages how to build some amazing sandcastles (or cool sea creatures). Private lessons are held at your choice of beachfront location and include all of the equipment you’ll need to make an epic sand sculpture. They may not last long, but the memories will last a lifetime!

Arrrrr you ready to set sail on a swashbuckling adventure? Step aboard the American Star, a 65-foot pirate ship that welcomes maties of all sizes. Young and young-at-heart will love playing pirate on a 2-hour tour that includes tons of interactive fun. You and the crew will get your face painted, learn pirate lingo, defend the ship in a gun battle, and search for lost gold with a secret treasure map. Then celebrate your success with a limbo contest!

Your one-of-a-kind vacation begins by booking your stay at Turquoise Place. Our luxury condos, upscale amenities and beachfront locale promise an unmatched stay on our glittering shores. Book your stay today!