Clean Bed Guarantee Resort

Don’t Share Your Bed with Strangers

Want to know a secret? The bedspreads in nearly all vacation rentals are washed once, maybe twice a year (if that). Here at Spectrum, we think that is really gross. That’s why we created the industry’s only Clean Bed Guarantee.

What is our Clean Bed Guarantee?

It’s our promise that the beds in every Spectrum rental will include freshly laundered duvet covers prior to each and every arrival.  We are the only vacation rental provider along the Alabama Gulf Coast offering this beds for guests. It’s our commitment to promote wellness and good health by eliminating the spreading of germs causing common illnesses.

If you are considering renting from someone other than Spectrum, we suggest asking how often the bedspreads are laundered.

Now that you know this secret, want to share covers you are cuddling up with spring breakers, honeymooners and hundreds of other visitors? We don’t and hope you don’t either.

Spectrum Experience Perks Exclusive Spectrum Perks!

 Freshly laundered duvet just for you!

Other companies only launder once per year, gross!

 High quality mattresses!

Tempur-Pedic, Simmons Beautyrest and Ashley-Sleep

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