Grocery Delivery at Turquoise Place Resort Orange Beach

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Leave the shopping to us!

In a new area and on vacation, the last thing you want to do is spend time searching for the nearest grocery store. Skip the lines and let us do the shopping for you.

Spectrum Resorts guests will have their groceries delivered by 6 pm on the day of their arrival. Fill out the form below before your arrival, and let Spectrum Resorts check another item off your To-Do List.

Grocery Delivery can be Coordinated Through the Front Desk or by Filling Out the Form Below.

The Cost of Groceries, Plus a 20% Service Charge and a $35 Delivery Fee.


Grocery Delivery Services are Temporarily Unavailable

Exclusive for Spectrum Guests Only
  • Grocery delivery is only available to Spectrum Resorts guests at Turquoise Place.

NOTE: Orders must be received at least 72 hours before arrival

Spectrum Resorts guests will have their groceries delivered by 6pm on the day of their arrival. A $35 delivery charge and 20% convenience fee will be charged to the guests reservation

Please do NOT Place Your Order -TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED!
Any orders placed during this time will not be honored.

NOTE: Brand Names

If the brand name you requested is unavailable, a substitute will be chosen. If you will only accept the brand name you specified, please indicate that in the NOTES for that category and we will omit that item.


Also include salad items in this section



Might include chips, nuts, candy, etc...


Might include cake, muffins, or other bakery items as well as sandwich bread or burger buns. If you already put eggs, bacon or sausage under REFRIGERATED items - that's fine.


Might include items from the butcher or deli like steaks, or sandwich meat, bacon, sausage, fresh seafood, rotisserie chicken, etc...


Soft drinks, juice, gatorade, energy drinks, etc... We provide enough coffee for your first morning, but you will need more if you've got coffee drinkers in your group. And don't forget the coffee creamer.


Might include frozen dinners, pizza, ice cream, etc...


Might include coffee filters, laundry detergent, cleaning wipes, and plastic cups or other plastic items. Please do not use any harsh cleaning supplies since the next guest may be sensitive to those chemicals.


We provide enough dishwasher liquid for two loads. We also provide shampoo, conditioner, body wash and soap bars in the same quantity you would find when checking into a hotel. If you think you will need more of those items, add them to the list here. We also do not provide trash bags so you might want to add that here as well.


Might include flour, sugar, salt, pepper, hot sauce, oil for frying, etc...


Might include SUNSCREEN, aspirin, aloe gel, etc...




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