Spectrum Resort’s Crab Cake Recipe

Eva Faircloth - April 07, 2020

Ready to sink your teeth into something divine? Chef John Hamme is sharing Spectrum Resorts’ mouthwatering recipe for crab cakes. We invite you to bring a taste of the beach into your home with this delish recipe. When you visit us next, it’s worth the short drive to Coast Restaurant to have the Chef prepare these for you. Coast is located at our sister resort in Gulf Shores, The Beach Club.


6 Servings

Chef John Hamme


2 Tbsp Mayonnaise

2 Tbsp Worcestershire Sauce

1 Tbsp Baking Powder

2 tsp French’s Mustard

1 Tbsp Parsley Flakes

2 tsp Old Bay Seasoning

1 Lemon, Juiced

1 Egg, Beaten

1 lb Jumbo Lump Crabmeat

1 lb Claw Crabmeat

4 Tbsp Saltine Cracker Crumbs

4 Tbsp Vegetable Oil

Creole Mustard Butter:

1 oz Cider vinegar

1 oz White Wine

2 sprigs Thyme

2 Shallots, Chopped

1/2 lb Butter

1 Tbsp Creole Mustard

Crab Cake Directions:

1. Combine ingredients in a mixing bowl to make the crab cake mix.

2. Place crabmeat in a pan large enough to spread into a thin layer.

3. Sprinkle Saltine crumbs over crabmeat, toss. Add crab mix and fold, be careful not to break the lumps.

4. Shape into 6 5 1/2 oz cakes. Place cakes in the refrigerator at least 30 minutes prior to cooking.

5. Heat Vegetable oil in a teflon pan and brown crab cakes on both sides. Once golden brown transfer to a baking sheet and bake to an internal temperature of 165 degrees F.

Creole Mustard Butter Directions:

1. Place the vinegar, white wine, thyme and shallot in a small sauce pan and reduce until almost dry.

2. Cut butter into cubes and rest at room temperature.

3. Add the heavy cream to the sauce pan and reduce by 2/3. Remove from heat and add butter stirring to incorporate as the butter melts.

4. Place sauce in a warm area (approx. 130 degrees) to hold or service.