Take a Peek Inside Our Beach Bag

Are you making a beeline to Turquoise Place this summer? Don’t forget all the essentials as well as some extras to make your Orange Beach vacation even better. Wondering what’s in our beach bag for the perfect day of sand and surf? We’ve got it all covered.

What’s in Our Beach Bag

1.) First up, we pack a cooler with plenty of water, juice and snacks to enjoy while soaking up the sun. After all, being dehydrated at the beach is no fun. We love to add some grab-and-go fruit, bottled drinks and granola bars, too.

2.) The sun can be harsh, so we pack plenty of sunscreen. No one wants a sunburn to ruin their Orange Beach vacation, especially on the first day! Even more importantly, ultraviolet A rays can cause skin cancer. Experts recommend using at least SPF 15 sunscreen, and those with fair skin or a family history of skin cancer should use SPF 30 or higher. The most important aspect of sunscreen is to use it right. Reapply after getting out of the water. Don’t miss any hard-to-reach spots or areas easy to forget like the tops of your feet or that bald spot. Use plenty, and don’t forget the balm to protect your lips as well. They can get sunburned, too!

Young girl playing on beach

Turquoise Place Tip: Did you run out of sunscreen and don’t want to run to the grocery store? We’ve got you covered. Stop by Cabana 8 for a selection of lotions and sprays. And, guests of Spectrum Resorts get 10% off their purchases.

3.) While we’re talking about sun protection, we don’t leave home without a sunhat and sunglasses in our beach bag. Shades should indicate they block 100 percent of UV rays. And that wide-brimmed hat provides extra coverage for ears, neck and eyes.

4.) We love a thick and extra-long beach towel. Always bring one more than you think you’ll need. If you love to lay in the sand, a sheet is a great addition, too.

Woman at Beach

Turquoise Place Tip: Reserve your beach chairs and umbrellas prior to your vacation.

5.) As for those “extras” that add the perfect touch to our beach bag, we don’t leave the condo without a good book. Beach time is perfect for catching up on those best sellers you’ve been meaning to read. We’ve also been known to download our favorite reads on Audible. Just don’t forget earbuds, so you can listen without disturbing your beach neighbors.

6.) As much as we love to disconnect, our phone will always be in our beach bag! We can’t miss a postcard-perfect scene. So, along with our phone, we bring a waterproof pouch to protect it. If you plan to stay on the beach all day, consider tossing a battery extender into your bag, as well.

Turquoise Place Tip: After you snap your postcard-perfect photo, share it with us on Facebook and use #ChooseSpectrum!

7.) Baby powder. Never leave home without it! Not only is it good for all those cracks and crevices where sand can seep in, but it’s also perfect for removing sand from feet and legs when you’re leaving the beach. Simply sprinkle a little on your feet and dust the sand away.

8.) Jellyfish 101. As much as we hope we don’t see any of these critters, it does happen from time to time. We like to keep a plastic bottle of vinegar in our beach bag.

Turquoise Place Tip: If you’re stung by a jelly fish, don’t use freshwater, apply ice or rub the area. Treat the area with vinegar, which helps stop the release of toxins. Lay it over the area for 30 minutes.

Gulf Waves

9.) Saltwater can dry out your hair, so we love to keep a bottle of leave-in conditioner in our beach bag. It’s especially helpful when the littles have been playing in the Gulf all day. Just give a little spritz and their hair will feel soft and moisturized.

10.) While the cooler keeps our drinks on ice, we don’t forget an insulated tumbler for when it’s in our hand!

Now, all you have to do is pack your beach bag and put Turquoise Place in your GPS!