Treat Your Partner to True Love at Turquoise Place

Eva Faircloth - January 24, 2024

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is heart-stopping romance. That’s why here at Turquoise Place, we’re making February a full month of love with heartwarming activities, breathtaking views, and a romantic stay at our luxury resort. As the waves gently kiss our sugar-white shores, it’s the perfect time to rekindle the flames in our beautiful Orange Beach setting. Whether you’re writing a new chapter in your love story or re-reading an old favorite, our beachside haven is where true love sets sail. From a Valentine’s Day trip to a long lover’s weekend, we promise you’ll fall for each other again and again with a lovely escape to Turquoise Place.

Choose a Romantic Beachfront Condo

Indulge in “suite” romance in one of our luxury beachfront rentals. Each of our condos feature a spacious Gulf-front balcony complete with your own private hot tub, creating an ambiance of elegance and comfort that whispers romance in every corner. After a long day of love and adventure, ask in bubbling bliss as you gaze over the rolling Gulf waves and starry twilight sky. Unique to Spectrum Resorts, we also offer the area’s only clean bed guarantee. This means every stay is welcomed with a promise – a promise of a freshly laundered coverlet ensuring peace of mind and a focus on what truly matters: each other.

Book The Turquoise Place Concierge Package

When it comes to romance, we leave nothing to chance. If you’d rather focus on falling in love than on planning your trip, book The Turquoise Place Concierge Package to let The Beach Moms whisk you away to worry-free bliss. Their full-service package includes everything from stocking your pantry before you arrive to booking excursions, making dinner reservations, mid-stay cleans and more. Bookings must be made at least ten days before your arrival.

Book a Sunset Sail

Take our stunning beach sunsets to a whole new level as you glide through the waves with Sail Wild Hearts. Aboard their 53-foot catamaran, the colorful horizon looks closer than ever as the sun paints the sky in hues of pink, gold and orange. Away from the busy beach crowds, you’ll enjoy an intimate adventure that paints your love story in a whole new palette.

Plan a Beachside Picnic

Few things are more charming than a casual couple’s picnic on our pristine white-sand shores. Grab a cozy blanket and pack a picnic. Don’t forget to grab a bottle of prosecco for a bubbly toast to romantic bliss!

Take a Pottery Class Together

Sculpt an artful souvenir of your beachside love story with a class at The Clay Studio in our Coastal Arts Center. Led by local artist Maya Blume-Cantrell, you can hand-build a custom sculpture, learn to throw on the pottery wheel, or glaze a piece of handmade art to take home as a token of your trip.

Take a Romantic Shoreline Stroll

Experience the magic of dawn or the splendor of dusk with your loved one as you stroll hand-in-hand along miles of pristine shoreline. Our spacious white-sand beaches are the perfect setting to walk and unwind as the sky comes to live in dazzling colors that glitter off the Gulf. Whether you choose to greet the day together or bid it farewell, It’s a moment to share dreams and bask in the quiet beauty of nature, with only the soft sound of waves lapping gently at the sand accompanying your conversation.

Ready to enjoy a full month of romance? Book your stay at Turquoise Place and prepare to dive into a sea of love and make waves with memories that will last a lifetime.