Why Fall is Fab at Turquoise Place, Orange Beach

Eva Faircloth - October 06, 2021

Fall is officially here, and the Alabama Gulf Coast is more amazing than ever. While cheery bonfires and oversized sweaters are great, those of us in Orange Beach prefer to fill our fall season with perfect weather, pristine beaches, spectacular sunsets, and fun fall events.

Whether you’ve been here before or you’re new to our beautiful beach community, we know you’ll FALL in love with autumn in our area – especially if you stay at Turquoise Place. Here’s why fall is so fab on the Gulf Coast.

Turquoise Place in Orange Beach

FALL-ing Rates

The crowds aren’t the only thing that drops in size when summer ends. Fall in Orange Beach rental rates are some of the best prices of the year, making your amazing beach vacation even more affordable. You can even enjoy great prices on other parts of your trip, as many local attractions, tours, and activities offer lower prices during the off-season.

Best of all, you get the same summer perks for a fraction of the price with Spectrum Resorts! You’ll still enjoy on-site amenities, amazing beachfront views, luxurious condos, and superior service.

Amazing Autumn Sunsets

While there’s no bad time for a beachfront sunset stroll, fall in Orange Beach is especially fantastic. The skyline colors are more vivid than at any other time of year, blending into breathtaking shades of orange, red, yellow, and pink that play across the waves. Twilight temperatures are crisp and cool, creating a perfect setting to stroll the few feet to our sunset shoreline – or just soak it in on your spacious beachfront balcony.

There’s actually a science behind those stunning scenes- fall weather patterns create dry, clean air and low humidity, allowing more colors of the spectrum to reach our eyes without scattering through particles in the atmosphere. Those colorful autumn leaves have nothing on our spectacular fall sunsets!

Fun Events this Fall in Orange Beach

Fall is festival season on the Gulf Coast, and nobody does fun events like Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. The season has plenty of events to suit every style, from family-friendly seafood festivals to aerial acrobatics to craft beer cook-offs and more. While Covid has caused many of our annual fall events to be cancelled for 2021, you can still have a spectacular (and socially distanced) time this year at events like Freedom Fest, Flora-Bama’s Oktoberfest, or the 2021 Blue Angels practice shows.

Most are free and open to the public, but the more popular fall events require that you reserve your rental in advance – so book your autumn beach adventure today!