Why You Should Purchase Travel Insurance

Eva Faircloth - August 13, 2018


When planning an Orange Beach vacation, it’s always a good idea to have a checklist. Whether you prefer putting paper to pen, using the notes section on your phone or just making a mental note, there are reminders that need to be included. Travel insurance should be one of those things on your list, and something you never forget when traveling to our Orange Beach luxury resort.


It Could Cost You Your Vacation

It’s always a good idea to have a backup plan in case something happens. Let’s face it, hurricanes affect the Gulf Coast, family members get sick, natural disasters can prevent traveling, and sometimes the unpredictable occurs. Purchasing travel insurance isn’t just another up sell, it could cost you your annual Gulf Shores or Orange Beach vacation.


Reasons You Can Get Reimbursed

Don’t let all the effort, time and energy go to waste with a cancelled vacation. If your trip is interrupted due to the following reasons, you can be reimbursed for non refundable deposits by purchasing vacation rental travel insurance.


  • A named hurricane or natural disaster
  • A natural disaster causing a vacation home to become uninhabitable
  • A natural disaster causing your residence or travel companions residence to become destroyed
  • Illness, injury, death of family member or traveling companion

Eliminate Stress with Travel Insurance

Eliminate stress associated with canceled vacations with travel insurance. Don’t stress over making plans to relax. If you choose not to purchase travel insurance and your vacation is cancelled,  you’ve lost the money associated with your Gulf Shores or Orange Beach vacation.

Christy C. booked her well-planned vacation one month in advance and was looking forward to relaxing on the beach. The travel insurance was there to support her claim during Hurricane Katrina.

Michelle F. had a daughter who fell ill and needed medical attention.  She had to cancel her vacation. She did not have travel insurance and was unable to make a claim. The money she lost could have been used to help pay for medical bills.

Travel Insurance – It’s a no brainer. When booking with Spectrum Resorts, add the Sun Trip policy provided by Red Sky.